Meditation in Moments … Slip Sliding Away

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Last summer sighting
scaly serpent slithering
lickety split …
… gone.

Check out this tongue!

This is our resident garter snake. It, or its doppelgänger, has been hanging around the garden since we first moved in 13 years ago. While walking through the dewy grass one morning this summer, I felt a ticklish sensation as a snake’s scaly body wriggled across my foot. Snakes are very beneficial to gardens because they help keep undesirable small pests in check. A few years back I found a complete snake skin stuck between some low branches the snake must have squeezed through in order to shed its skin.

What critters slither around your garden?

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15 thoughts on “Meditation in Moments … Slip Sliding Away”

  1. I love your posts but couldn’t read this one. Sorry. Especially since I’m headed to bed soon. I’ll have nightmares. I gave the garden snakes in the back yard wide birth. There aren’t many anymore.


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