Footloose in Spain: Calpe Diem!

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When all else fails, “Calpe Diem”! We arrived tired, sweaty and hot after a long trip by train, tram and bus. But somehow, it was not meant to be. We had been offered to stay at a friend’s small apartment in this town. The rules had changed, and we found ourselves in limbo. The note our friend had written, was no good. Told that we could “rent” the place from the new property managers, we decided to stay at a different duplex for a couple of days, recuperate from the long journey and then head back towards Tarragona.


Calpe is a small touristy town, right on the water between Valencia and Alicante. Neither one of us had ever been there, and did not know what to expect. In general, we avoid touristy places on vacation. The town was built up in a helter-skelter way: high-rises right next to tiny single family dwellings. These big hotels, timeshare and condominium developments were blocking the view of the mediterranean sea for all but those staying on the upper floors. In addition, the place seemed to be populated by mostly German and English ex-pats.

The stroll along the beach at night was beautiful as the moon rose. There were hiking trails along the famous Penyal d’lfac, a huge limestone outcrop connected to land by rocky debris. There are hiking trails along this natural park for the adventures souls.

Two days later, we hoped back onto the tram and train, and headed back towards Tarragona. What we didn’t know at that moment was, that the best of our Iberian Adventure, was yet to come: Montblanc and its special celebration of the Corpus de Christi Fiesta! Vámanos!

Moon rise in Calpe

Moon rise in Calpe

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11 thoughts on “Footloose in Spain: Calpe Diem!”

    • This was the kind of adventure where it was helpful to be flexible. The situation wasn’t great, but we made the best of it and as I look back, I think we needed to learn something in Calpe.


  1. milligfunk says:

    We’re planning a July trip along the Costa Blanca now, and your post helped me get a better sense of what Calpe is like. Thanks for sharing!


    • Glad the post helped. If you are in the Tarragona area, I highly recommend it. Beautiful and we encountered few non-Spanish tourists. Let me know where you decide on going. Thanks for stopping by.


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