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Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

Thank you Trudy, for nominating me for The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award! I feel honored and excited to have fellow bloggers like yourself check in on my site regularly and give me feedback. I have found this community to be very supportive, fun, […]


Enchanting Minnewaterpark

Want to unwind and leave the crowds of Bruges behind? The visually stunning scenery and quiet solitude of Minnewaterpark in town is just what the doctor ordered! This medieval city boasts one of the most romantic parks I’ve encountered in my travels. Minnewater translates into “Lake of Love” and […]


Kaffeetrinken in Oberammergau

The day we visited the castles of Mad King Ludwig, we also stopped in Oberammergau. This small Bavarian town looks like it comes straight from the pages of a fairytale book. Oberammergau is surrounded by mountains, green forests and meadows. The day we were there […]


Visiting the Wieskirche

Our recent trip also took us to Germany, where my sister and brother-in-law not only were the most wonderful hosts imaginable, but also took us to see some of Bavaria’s beautiful sights. One day, we drove through parts of the Bavarian Alps, along the road which lead […]


Obrigado Lisboa!

Transport yourself to Lisbon with me, and listen to a song by the queen of Fado music, Amália Rodrigues. Take in the sights and sounds of this most beautiful city. The song I love the most is Lágrima. It tells the story of tears and […]


A Peek into the Soul of Seoul

On our trip to Bali, we arranged to have a five day lay-over in Seoul, South Korea. Coming all this way, we figured we might as well see a bit of Seoul, a place we hadn’t visited before. In addition,  adjusting to the time difference […]


Footloose in Spain: Calpe Diem!

When all else fails, “Calpe Diem”! We arrived tired, sweaty and hot after a long trip by train, tram and bus. But somehow, it was not meant to be. We had been offered to stay at a friend’s small apartment in this town. The rules […]


“Did I just hear a Needle drop?”

This ancient ceremony Originated in 1469 At the Gyeongbokgung Palace. High on the balcony The sounding of the conch shell Announces The Changing of the Guards: Brilliant costumes Flags and shields in hand Obscured by helmets These expressionless faces Appear oblivious to spectators Waiting in the glaring sun. One by one […]


Choose only three Songs?

Music: alternative bossa nova classical dance electronic funk guitar hip hop instrumental jazz karaoke latin metal new age opera punk rock qawwali reggae soundtrack tango urban folk vallenato world xoomii yodeling zydeco So many choices!  How could I choose only three songs? However, I do […]


A Room with a View

On our Bali trip last spring, we realized upon arriving,  that the room we had booked ahead in Ubud, was not quite what we had envisioned. The location was perfect, the price was right ( $10.00 per night including breakfast for 2! ), and the host […]


Footloose in Spain, A Montblanc Celebration

The highlight of our Iberian Adventure turned out to be a side trip to Montblanc. This medieval walled town just north of Tarragona, happened to be celebrating their “Fiesta de Corpus Christi” that weekend. The entire population seemed to have assembled in the town square. Spectators lined up […]


Stepping back in Time…

Stepping into a tiny village in Spain was a bit like time travel. The buildings were old, some of them very old. Many were in disrepair and slowly decaying. Walking through the winding, narrow streets revealed glimpses of a fascinating past.  In numerous locations in Catalonia, much of […]



“You are making a BIG mistake!” “Did you see BIG Baby dunk that ball?” “When is the best time to visit the BIG Apple?” “There is a BIG snowstorm on the way!” “Is BIGfoot for real?” “I’m not hungry. I ate a BIG breakfast this morning.” […]