Visiting the Wieskirche

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Our recent trip also took us to Germany, where my sister and brother-in-law not only were the most wonderful hosts imaginable, but also took us to see some of Bavaria’s beautiful sights. One day, we drove through parts of the Bavarian Alps, along the road which lead us to the Wieskirche. This must be the most beautiful and breathtaking church I have ever visited in my entire life!


This area of the Bavarian Alps, with its gently rolling hills, tall evergreen forests and wildflower dotted meadows alone make this corner of Germany worthwhile to visit. Add the magnificent Wieskirche, and you are in for a real treat!

The “Pilgrimage Church of Wies” was built  between 1745 and 1754 in an oval rococo style. The bright white interior surfaces are painted with unbelievably detailed frescoes. It is said this was done to highlight the supernatural.
From outside, the church doesn’t look all that spectacular.
Walk in … and …    it simply takes your breath away!
Tall ceilings painted gorgeously; rows upon rows of wooden pews; an intricately carved wooden confession booth covered with  deep green velvet curtains; a huge organ; tucked away in a corner a collection of pictures notes and letters; bright light entering through the windows even on a cloudy day.
It really is no surprise, that in 1983 the Wieskirche was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Nothing can substitute stepping into the doors of the Wieskirche and walking through personally, but perhaps taking a look around the inside with me will give you an idea of it size and splendor.

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  1. christine says:

    Rosalie really enjoyed looking at these. Wow! Thanks for sharing.


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