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London’s Tower Bridge

The day we went to check out the Tower Bridge in London, the sun decided to come out! I’ve seen this bridge, probably like most people have, in countless movies and pictures. It always looks impressive, but once we got up close and personal, it was […]


The London skyline …

… sports a variety of absolutely stunning architecture, both modern and historical. No matter where in London we were, and in which direction we were looking, tall cranes lifting and lowering heavy loads, were everywhere. These cranes are used for not only new construction, but […]


Down the Tube we go …

In May, we visited London for the very first time! I’m not sure why it has taken us so long to go there. Perhaps the famously grey English weather made it less appealing? Luckily, it rained only the morning we were leaving. If you haven’t […]


Zunday Zen … My Slice of Paradise

With tender loving care my slice of paradise thrives and blooms, right here at home.   Last March, I brought back some plumeria tree cuttings from Maui, Hawaii. I was hoping that I would be able to root them this time. When I brought back a […]


Zunday Zen … Escaping the Asphalt Jungle

Urban green spaces Luxury or necessity? You decide! No matter where in the world we find ourselves, we always make sure to take the time to explore local parks and green spaces. During this trip to London, my favorite park was definitely St. James Park! It’s hard to […]


Zunday Zen … Trash or Treasure?

To clear the clutter … is to clear the mind I just now noticed that I’m way behind My trinkets symbolize to me The places … seen … and yet to see … Whoa!  Am I blind? A dust rag I must find! Some of these “treasures” […]


The Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland: Volcanoes, spurting geysers, crystal-clear rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, the Blue Lagoon, Aurora Borealis, Sigur Ros, Aisgeir, the Perlan, the Harpa, Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavik Open Icelandic Chess Tournament, “Black Death” liquor, fermented shark, great mochas and waffles, puffins, whales, 12 Tonar record store, and some […]


Beware! The Dragon has Teeth!

The Kapalua Coastal Trail stretches along the gorgeous Kapalua Coast of Northwestern Maui, past deep green golf courses, rugged cliffs and pristine golden sandy beaches. When I first set out to explore this trail, I didn’t realize that a part of this area holds great […]