Zunday Zen … Swirls and Curls and Curves and Swerves

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A closed-eye journey back in time
to remember
the swirls and curls
the curves and swerves
the miles of tiles
I once spied across a street.

My brain was wildly summersaulting
my eyes couldn’t believe the sight
of this enchanting casa
right smack in front of me
while waking up with my Americano
and munching and crunching my treat.

Tickets in hand
in a line we stand
looking up at the colorful front facade
I wonder who this guy Antoni Gaudí was
to design and build these dreams
of fantastical houses lining Barcelona’s streets.

Stepping inside this “casa dels ossos”
feels like a fairytale dream
lines flowing smoothly and imposing
from stairways to windows
to atrium to rooftop
Antoni Gaudí accomplished a remarkable feat.

Climbing the staircase
all the way to the roof
taking in Barcelona’s skyline
in the sunshine amidst
the swirls and curls and curves and swerves
I can’t help but image, what it would feel like,
if only this creative genius Gaudí I could meet.

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