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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … A Story

Strength  Balance Courage Common Sense Castell: For several centuries, Spaniards have been engaging in human tower building. It was first recorded around 1712 in the area of the Catalonian city of Tarragona, Spain. This age-old tradition continues to this day. During our travels there, we […]


Tasty Tuesday … Spanish Salmorejo

When summer is in full swing, and the temperatures rise, there are quite a few days where even I don’t feel like cooking dinner! So when I stopped by the farmers market on Saturday morning, I noticed several vegetable stands overflowing with perfectly ripe tomatoes. […]


Tasty Tuesday … Spanish Fideuà

A few years ago, we spent a week in a small town called Tarragona, just south of Barcelona. Right on the sparkling blue Mediterranean sea, it is not only is located in a most beautiful area of Spain, but also has a fascinating Roman history. And like […]


Tasty Tuesday … Roasted Padrones Peppers

A few years ago while traveling through Spain, we were lucky enough to find some roasted Padrones peppers on the menu. They were cooked to perfection and sprinkled only with a some coarse sea salt. I remember the moment only too well! Picking up one of these […]


A Feast for the Senses

Spain:  country of sunshine; sparkling blue mediterranean sea; vermouth; tapas bars; Antonio Gaudí; Salvador Dali; Pablo Picasso; ancient Roman historic sites; Don Quixote de la Mancha; salmoreja; paella … and La Boqueria! And, the land of the classical guitar. While on a visit to Barcelona three […]


Footloose in Spain: Calpe Diem!

When all else fails, “Calpe Diem”! We arrived tired, sweaty and hot after a long trip by train, tram and bus. But somehow, it was not meant to be. We had been offered to stay at a friend’s small apartment in this town. The rules […]


Footloose in Spain, A Montblanc Celebration

The highlight of our Iberian Adventure turned out to be a side trip to Montblanc. This medieval walled town just north of Tarragona, happened to be celebrating their “Fiesta de Corpus Christi” that weekend. The entire population seemed to have assembled in the town square. Spectators lined up […]


Stepping back in Time…

Stepping into a tiny village in Spain was a bit like time travel. The buildings were old, some of them very old. Many were in disrepair and slowly decaying. Walking through the winding, narrow streets revealed glimpses of a fascinating past.  In numerous locations in Catalonia, much of […]


Tag! You’re it!

We all want to connect: with nature, other human beings, animals, ourselves, the universe, the past, present and future. The way connections are made has changed a great deal over the last decade or so. We used to pick up the phone (probably a landline), […]


Footloose in Spain: Tarragona

Leaving behind the exhilarating energy of Barcelona, we hopped onto a train and headed south. Our destination? Tarragona! Everything moves at a much slower pace one hour south of Barcelona. It’s location is perfect for those wanting to explore an interesting mix of sights and Catalonian culture. Tarragona’s […]


Footloose in Spain: Barcelona

Late spring of 2012 we traveled to Europe, first time in many, many years. After exploring Lisbon, Portugal for a few days we headed to Barcelona. In general we like to keep our travel agenda open, to insure we have time and energy to take in unexpected […]