Tasty Tuesday … Roasted Padrones Peppers

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A few years ago while traveling through Spain, we were lucky enough to find some roasted Padrones peppers on the menu. They were cooked to perfection and sprinkled only with a some coarse sea salt. I remember the moment only too well! Picking up one of these plump peppers by its stem, and then putting it into my mouth. WOW! The flavors exploded on my tongue, and I immediately wondered why I had never seen these peppers anywhere at home!

I am happy to report that they are now much more widely available, including at my local farmers market. If you can’t find the Padrones peppers, look for the Japanese Shishito peppers. They are very similar in taste and appearance.
When I first started to prepare these peppers, I would fry them in hot olive oil on the stove. It always made a huge mess, with the oil splattering all over the kitchen. One day, I decided to roast them in a hot oven rubbed with just a bit of olive oil. They turned out every bit as tasty, a lot less oily and I didn’t have to clean up any splattered  oil.

These peppers are generally very mild, but every so often, you are guaranteed  to bite into a hot one!

Here’s how to roast them:

Preheat the oven to 425° and place the oven rack in the center. Wash and dry the peppers, put them onto a baking sheet and rub them with a little bit of olive oil. Roast for about 10 to 15 minutes. Turn them over once, and take them out when they are getting blistered,slightly charred and soft. Sprinkle generously with coarse sea salt and enjoy!

Provecho! Enjoy!

Provecho! Enjoy!

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13 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday … Roasted Padrones Peppers”

  1. Hey Sabine … peppers also do really well on the grill, getting that char that tastes so good. Have you ever stuffed them with a dab of cream cheese and garlic? Super delish!

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    • I have not grilled them, as we don’t have a grill. But I can only imagine how the peppers would melt in my mouth! Soft, spicy, charred smoky spots and some really good coarse salt! Now I want a grill!!


  2. Sounds great. Hope I remember when winter arrives. I seldom use my oven during this season. Stuffing with cheese sounds great also.


      • We are only going to Barcelona, but will be there for a while. Looking forward to seeing the South of Spain in the future however.

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      • I loved Barcelona. I hope you’ll have a chance to check out some of Antonio Gaudi’s buildings. One trick we learned in Spain is to never eat at a place where the food is advertised in pictures on the sidewalk. Most of the time, it’s reheated frozen stuff and not that good. Especially on Las Ramblas! Lots of small places in the small side streets. Happy Travels!

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  3. Misty Hopkins says:

    These are some of Dan’s favorites!! That and the Fava beans you made.


    • I could eat them until I’m silly! Missy suggested putting them on the grill! That sounds really good! Unfortunately Fava beans have been in short supply this year. The lady at the farmers market said aphids are a problem, due to the warm winter.


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