Welgekomen te Brugge …

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After catching our breath in Amsterdam for a couple of days, we hopped onto a train headed to Bruges. The setting alone is magnificent; add all the ancient architecture, the romantic canals dotted with graceful swans, the Belgium waffles, incredible beer and beautifully maintained parks, and one could easily think that one’s arrived in paradise.


There is, however, a downside to this paradise. Despite the fact that we went during the off-season, tourist busses kept arriving. Large groups of people everywhere, blocking sidewalks, crowding shops and restaurants and creating quite a bit of commotion.
This did not, however, deter us from having a good time, and explore our surroundings in Bruges.

The Belgium Waffles were tasty, and depending on the place, fancy and served with all kinds of toppings. My favorite waffles turned out to be the plain ones, dusted with a little powdered sugar and handed to me in a napkin from a window.  It doesn’t get much simpler and better than that! The longest line was always at this VW bus!!


The “Old Town” was simply unbelievably amazing! There are no words to describe them:

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One afternoon, we enjoyed a beer and some pizza at an outdoor restaurant, directly across from the world’s first stock market!!


Of the four days we spent in Bruges, one of my favorite outings was, a visit to Minnewaterpark and the windmills along the moat surrounding Bruges, which I will tell you about in an upcoming post.

Thanks for coming along.IMG_3579

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18 thoughts on “Welgekomen te Brugge …”

    • Thank you! It was a great trip, maybe the best ever. Although Bruges is too touristy for me, everyone should visit there. See the “attractions” and then head out to Minnewaterpark and the Love Lake.


    • Thanks! This was one of our best trips ever! We were gone for a month and saw so many amazing things, ate great food and met some wonderful people. I feel very lucky!


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