Enchanting Minnewaterpark

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Want to unwind and leave the crowds of Bruges behind? The visually stunning scenery and quiet solitude of Minnewaterpark in town is just what the doctor ordered!

This medieval city boasts one of the most romantic parks I’ve encountered in my travels. Minnewater translates into “Lake of Love” and was originally created in the 13th century. This Love Lake is surrounded by a myriad of walking trails, which wind through flower gardens, wooded areas and across numerous small bridges. Beautiful benches are placed throughout the park, where one can sit and take in the beauty of it all. The people we encountered were mostly locals, riding bicycles or taking their kids and dogs for a walk.

The wide canals surrounding Bruges are dotted with house boats, an occasional fisherman and several windmills. Strolling along the path in the shade of huge trees, we saw old watch towers, ancient city gates and birds searching the meadows for a morsel to eat.
At one spot we could see the church towers and the famous Belfry tower in the distance.



Walking slowly back to the center of town, we couldn’t help but notice how refreshing and relaxing this outing to the “Lake of Love” had been.

The following morning it was off to Brussels, where, long ago, I spent a year working as an Au-pair, studying French and having a fabulous time …

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    • Thank you! I don’t like crowds, but it was worth it to see this amazing place. Exploring the park and surrounding area gave us some quiet time to recharge our batteries. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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