Stepping back in Time…

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Stepping into a tiny village in Spain was a bit like time travel. The buildings were old, some of them very old. Many were in disrepair and slowly decaying. Walking through the winding, narrow streets revealed glimpses of a fascinating past.  In numerous locations in Catalonia, much of the older generation spoke only the Catalonian language. They didn’t speak Spanish.

The atmosphere in these small places was generally quiet and reserved. The pace of everyday life moved at a snails pace, compared to cities like Barcelona or Tarragona. Faster paced, larger cities displayed a striking mixture of both “old and new”,  with all of the modern world conveniences.

In comparison, the smallest towns seem to be almost standing still in time. It was a real treat to unwind there, as very few people ever seemed to be in a hurry and did not suffer from the “not having enough time” syndrome. How refreshing!


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7 thoughts on “Stepping back in Time…”

  1. WOW ! Wouldn’t it be amazing to live daily surrounded by history like that? I’m In western Canada, where there is merely 100 or so years of architecture in my city. Buildings are in their infancy by any stretch of the imagination. Yet they’re still not retained. A big controversy over the potential demolition of a beautiful older church in our downtown area has people debating the merits of it’s value to the city and community. The congregation can’t afford the repairs and the city doesn’t want to own it and do the necessary maintenance. It’s very sad. Our history is disappearing due to economics.
    Your photo’s show so nicely that century old buildings have value and are far more interesting (in my estimation). I especially enjoyed ‘Natures architect’ and the shot looking skyward, surrounded by the architecture. Awesome 😀

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