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Smooth Edges… Rough Edges…

Just like a seemingly perfect life, Windows with a breathtaking view, Can sometimes have rough edges, too. Looking out from the inside I wonder about the outside. Looking in from the outside I wonder about the inside. The people, the town, the country, the world.        


Footloose in Spain, A Montblanc Celebration

The highlight of our Iberian Adventure turned out to be a side trip to Montblanc. This medieval walled town just north of Tarragona, happened to be celebrating their “Fiesta de Corpus Christi” that weekend. The entire population seemed to have assembled in the town square. Spectators lined up […]


What Sparkles Day and Night?

One of my favorite places to visit is Iceland. This small island nation has some of the friendliest people, the best mocha and waffles ever (Cafe Mocha in downtown Reykjavik), the Blue Lagoon (talk about a relaxing experience!), some great record and book stores, good […]


Please don’t poke me in the eye!

Not far from where I live, is a nature park. Beautiful hiking trails wind through white oak meadows, mixed deciduous forests and dark evergreen woods. The park is generally empty, except on weekends. We’ve seen deer, birds of prey, owls, pileated woodpeckers, songbirds and lots […]


And the Award goes to…

I was quite surprised yesterday to have been nominated by for the Liebster Award. I accepted her nomination, and while I was trying to figure out how to complete the requirements for this, I received two more nominations for this award. These nominations came by way of […]


Boardgames? I’m on board!

Never been a gambler. However, when it comes to playing boardgames, I’m on board. No pun intended! A few years ago I took a Photoshop class at a local college. Once I got the hang of all the nifty things one can do with this […]


Now you see me … Now you don’t…

They are heard before they are seen. Flying by at neck-breaking speed; with the steady hum of their rapidly beating wings; they always seem to be in a hurry; sampling a sip of nectar here, and another sip there. Suddenly a competitor arrives and the battle […]


Stepping back in Time…

Stepping into a tiny village in Spain was a bit like time travel. The buildings were old, some of them very old. Many were in disrepair and slowly decaying. Walking through the winding, narrow streets revealed glimpses of a fascinating past.  In numerous locations in Catalonia, much of […]


After the Rain…. Sunshine and Color

We’ve had a most unusual winter here in Oregon. Lots of sun, warm temperatures and very little rain and mountain snow. Until yesterday! A “pineapple express” came through over the weekend. Gusty winds carried all kinds of debris into our yard and knocked out the power […]


The Magic of the Golden Hour

Early evening, before sunset, the light often turns brilliantly golden, shadows grow longer and then, ever so slowly the light takes on a magical glow. No matter where in the world you are, take the time to sit and watch this magic happen.  



“You are making a BIG mistake!” “Did you see BIG Baby dunk that ball?” “When is the best time to visit the BIG Apple?” “There is a BIG snowstorm on the way!” “Is BIGfoot for real?” “I’m not hungry. I ate a BIG breakfast this morning.” […]


Tag! You’re it!

We all want to connect: with nature, other human beings, animals, ourselves, the universe, the past, present and future. The way connections are made has changed a great deal over the last decade or so. We used to pick up the phone (probably a landline), […]


Sometimes, I just can’t decide.

There probably are as many different opinions and views on creativity, as there are on life. Regardless of whether one’s preference of the landscape or portrait mode, personal taste is, well, personal. For me, there is no right or wrong. Sometimes, I simply just can’t […]

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Solitude: Alone, but not lonely. Splashing waves, screaming gulls, cool briny air, secluded beach hidden behind  sandy dunes. Quietly exploring nature.  


One Moment of Bliss

Breathe in slowly, clear your mind and close your eyes. Listen to the wind rustling through the trees, imagine a dragonfly hovering by the pond. Feel the sun warming your body. One blissful moment in life. To treasure forever.