Boardgames? I’m on board!

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Never been a gambler. However, when it comes to playing boardgames, I’m on board. No pun intended!

Macro pics monopoli board 046

Let’s play a game!

Rolling the dice

Rolling the dice

Catch me if you can...

Don’t pass GO. Go directly to…

A few years ago I took a Photoshop class at a local college. Once I got the hang of all the nifty things one can do with this software program, I had a blast. This was my take on “scale” back then. The different images were layered and scaled. Once put together, I rotated the dice the way I wanted it to look and created the shadows. I had my picture taken on a blue background, so it could be neatly ‘cut out’ and then added to the Monopoly board. Time consuming, but great fun.

After all this time, I still really like this composition.


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17 thoughts on “Boardgames? I’m on board!”

  1. What a metaphor! I, too, took a photoshop course but it was a long time ago and I was too busy to practice. You inspire me to review the lessons and get proficient. good job!


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