London’s Tower Bridge

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The day we went to check out the Tower Bridge in London, the sun decided to come out! I’ve seen this bridge, probably like most people have, in countless movies and pictures. It always looks impressive, but once we got up close and personal, it was a whole other story.
And let me tell you, it is especially gorgeous under a sunny sky!

The Tower Bridge was built in 1894, and, pardon the pun, towers over the river Thames. With our London Pass we did not have to pay to gain entry.

First, we piled into a giant elevator along with other visitors. This took us up to the Tower Exhibit. We walked around looking at the exhibits, and then got a first-hand look through the glass floor below our feet. It was quite a trip to see vehicles crossing the bridge down below, marvel at the views of the London Skyline and watch ships pass under the bridge. We even got to see the bridge being raised to let a tall ship pass through.


Once we had seen everything on the upper deck and crossed the bridge, we headed downstairs to the Victorian engine rooms, home of original steam engines.

This was one of my favorite sights in London. I highly recommend taking a couple of hours on your visit to check this place out!

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21 thoughts on “London’s Tower Bridge”

  1. How fun, the sights and sounds of another place. And a glass area to see the view below? For me, that would be scary and wonderful all at the same time! Thanks for sharing, Sabine.

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    • It really was a lot of fun! One other thing I always enjoy in a place like this is, hearing all the different languages being spoken around me! Some I understand, others not. But we don’t need words marveling at such incredible structures built so long ago!

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