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… adventure, a ride with a view,
a view of the sights in London, captured for you …

… from my chair by the window I can see The London Eye,
 the famous and popular ferris wheel that takes you up into the sky …

… it’s seen here from near,
from near the pier …

… if you cross over the river on the wobbly bridge,
a ride on The Eye you can easily hitch …

… adventurers with tickets in hand,
get scanned for forbidden contra band …

… finally tucked into a glass cocoon,
slowly rotating up towards the clouds and the moon …

… under this ominous sky,
hopes for great views still run high …

… no matter where you walk and land,
The Eye’s right there, reach out your hand …

… The Eye eyes the sphinx,
and the sphinx eyes The Eye …

… two fingers reach up towards the overcast sky,
ready to grab the continuously revolving London Eye …

… The London Eye can’t just be stopped,
it turns and turns with its capsules locked …

… when out on the town hop on, go around,
enjoy the view in exchange for a few English pound …

… the last night in London I loudly sigh,
I wish I had taken a moment, a moment or two, to lift up in the sky in order to spy,
and to uhhh and ahhh, over London, from right inside The Eye …

… a different wish gets fulfilled instead on my way out of town,
which is why the English rain couldn’t make me frown …

… Heck!! We’ll just hail a black cab, like the ones in the movies,
we’ll get to stay dry from the rain on our way to the train,
to the airport, and to then board our next plane …

We had a fantastic time visiting London three years ago. Early and thorough research lead me to finding a great hotel featuring affordable rooms with a view, and all within walking distance of many historical sights. It did help that we were there during the shoulder season, where prices are lower and one encounters fewer visitors. I had also hoped that I would get to go on the London Eye. Sadly, it didn’t happen that time. Next time we visit London I will make it my first stop! But lucky for us that it was pouring the morning of our departure. We decided to hail one of those famous black London taxis instead of getting soaked. The driver dropped us at a nearby the tube station, from where we hopped onto a train to catch a plane at Heathrow Airport.

What is your favorite time of year to travel?

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

19 thoughts on “Meditation in Moments … I Spy an …”

  1. Great photos from that trip. Maybe one day. I’ll travel when the weather is good. I’m no longer the adventurer that I once was when young and dumb. 😉 The rain wouldn’t bother me, it’s just those crazy winds.

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  2. Hi Sabine,

    Nice way to revisit the past. Nice collection of photos. The wet window, the off-tilt Ferris wheel.

    The last photo of the airplane is provocative. How’d you get a picture of your own plane? A different plane? But it looks like it’s flying upside down? Or Sideways? Red tipped fins. I love your photos.

    And last weeks, post with the birds in a circle – a cute as you described on the phone.

    I got Brian’s message. I’ll get back to him.

    Talk soon. Trish


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    • The last picture was taken from my window seat on the plane! I’ve learned over the years where the best seats/locations on the planes are. This particular shot was taken right after take-off from Heathrow, flying British Airlines. Take care, Trish! 🙋


  3. That was very clever Sabine. I enjoyed seeing the London Eye – very unusual and I like the different ways that you shot pictures of it. I’d have to say that my favorite time of year for traveling is in the Fall and most of the trips I took back in the day when I traveled was in October.

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      • That is interesting it would be prime time in Winter for a beach. I have never been to the New England states and would like to do a foliage tour – they have some beautiful rail tours that go through the states at peak time. My mom and I decided to take a week’s vacation and go up north at the peak of the colors in Michigan. We asked around to find the best week for peak viewing and scheduled the time off. All the leaves were green, not a single one had turned. That was in the days before using the internet was commonplace, so no Googling around for the chart that they post for visiting if you’re going to view the colors.

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      • Of course any time it’s not pouring and blowing is prime beach time! 😉
        It’s easy to forget the “before the internet days”! I remember having to go look stuff up at the library! Timing the perfect moment to go see the fall colors is just a mouse click away.

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      • I agree! It’s so easy to research things now – you even see how many seconds it takes to get your info. Just incredible and I remember in school going through microfiche to write a term paper and typing it out with footnotes and resources and having to judge the bottom of your page for space, on a non-correcting typewriter … as the commercial goes “we’ve come a long way baby!” Our two Michigan newspapers do publish a week-by-week list for the optimal viewing in the northern parts of Michigan in the Fall. No more guessing games!

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      • I hope so too Sabine – I have looked at the train trip through New England during the fall foliage colors and that looks absolutely beautiful, but I know that Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is stunning too at peak. I hope to see it as well one day.


  4. Hey Sabine! What a clever, Seuss-like poem to describe the Eye. Looks like you had a fabulous trip. We love traveling both near and far. Even a trip to a different park can be an adventure…if you look for it. Have a great week!

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  5. Loved your photos and prose, Sabine. To answer your question, it depends on the destination as to when I prefer to travel. I do like traveling on off season – not one for crowds. If I am going some place warm like the Caribbean, I prefer late winter when it is so gloomy in Michigan. I love to visit my home state of Tennessee in October, especially the mountains. This year I will be traveling a lot during the summer but that is mostly because of lots of family getting married this year. I really enjoyed your post.

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