Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … Illumination

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It’s Friendly Friday again and Amanda”s prompt today is Illumination!

Exactly three years ago this month, the Zendog and I were in Canterbury, England. We had flown from Portland to Amsterdam, and directly from there to Gatwick Airport, about 30 miles south of London, where we took a bus to Canterbury. It was a very long trip, but when we finally arrived, we were pleasantly surprised by the hotel. I knew it was located right in the town center and next to the Canterbury Cathedral, but I didn’t realize what a fantastic view we’d have from our room. Later that evening, we collapsed on the bed, marveling at this incredible historical sight. When I awoke the next morning, I could here shouting outside the window. There was an assembly of sorts with all these young people marching while dressed in military uniforms. I’m not sure what the occasion was, but it went on until everyone finally marched into the cathedral.

Let’s explore the Canterbury Cathedral!

From the town gate to the cathedral entrance

Once inside, I was surprised by how enormous the cathedral really is!

There were stained glass windows all around the cathedral and the sunlight illuminated them beautifully.

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The stained glass windows were magnificent!
No two were alike!

After viewing the cathedral, we walked around the vast cathedral grounds, where we came across these boards shining a light on the labor and cost involved in maintaining this priceless treasure!

If you would like to participate in this Friendly Friday challenge, head over to Amanda’s blog for directions and to also check out her gorgeous post on Illumination. Her sunset photos make me wish I was there, but A little bit of Nepal in Brisbane and A Mackerel Sky are my favorites! Go take a look right here!

Thank you Amanda for hosting Friendly Friday! 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … Illumination”

  1. What a marvelous view. Lucky you. But the real treasure is the cathedral. It is very impressive inside. Siaring columns of sandstone and stained glass. How many years did it take to build it, I wonder?

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    • This was my first time in England! We loved the cathedral and really, the entire town of Canterbury! The only negative was very poor internet reception because of all the lead in the old windows all across town. But we survived! 😉


  2. Wifi receptivity problems due to lead in the windows was not a problem I had back then! I do remember problems calling my boyfriend back in California though! Nice to see in your photos that some beautiful things do not change.

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    • Lucky you! 😉 Even at the hotel where we sat right next to the modem we had problems. I didn’t mind too much though because it was nice to not have devices buzz and ring all the time!


    • Arlene, you would love this cathedral! It was such an experience to walk through and take it all in. I especially love the stained glass windows! European churches are just so beautiful! I have visited numerous churches across Europe. Have you been to Europe, Arlene? What do your churches look like in the Philippines?

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      • We have lots of old churches here too Sabine. Manila Cathedral is one, Cebu City possess 10 most beautiful churches too. San Sebastian Church here is Manila is entirely made of steel and a perfect example of Neo-Gothic architecture. You’ll find churches in every corner here but the old ones (centuries old mostly) are in the provinces. Sad to say, I haven’t been outside the Philippines yet. I love travelling but only on road trips.

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  3. Gorgeous view from your room; very serendipitous! I love how light bounces off the stained glass. Thanks for sharing your travels, Sabine! Have a fabulous week!

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  4. These are beautiful pictures Sabine and brought back nice memories … I was in Canterbury when I went to England with my parents back in the 70s, but my pictures were taken with a pocket camera and are no comparison to your beautiful pictures, especially the way you shot up toward the top and showed the stained windows. It was an exquisite cathedral and I feel lucky to have seen it as well. We stayed in London and took two bus trips, one to Canterbury and one to see the White Cliffs of Dover.

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    • Thanks Linda! We loved Canterbury! We had originally thought about seeing the White Cliffs of Dover, but there was so much to see in Canterbury, so we decided to not go. London was great too! 😊

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      • Dover was a longer bus trip and we were gone from morning til mid-afternoon as I recall. It was nice to see the cliffs, but I enjoyed Canterbury more. We stayed in Surbiton which was a town near or in Surrey at a bed and board. The rooms were nice but my parents and I were not picky eaters, but I will tell you that we had breakfast there every morning but had dinner at an Italian restaurant in the neighborhood. One night we went to a local pub for fish and chips. We took a taxi into London to see the sights there and to catch the tour buses. It was a nice trip and we were lucky to have perfect weather, the entire week (mid-May) with not a drop of rain while there. Then we took a train to Germany.

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      • We were there in May also and had good luck with the weather! Except for the very last morning when it rained like crazy. That however led to a ride to the tube station in one of those famous black English taxis!

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      • I liked those English taxis too Sabine – a classy ride into and out of town and a chance to chat up the driver as well. We took the taxis during our week-long stay to get into town as it was easier on my mom than stepping up and into the bus multiple times in one day.

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      • Ah, lucky you getting to ride in those taxis. We took the tube and buses, but also stayed really close to all the action so we could walk. But it does make for tired feet at the end of the day!

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      • I did like them and I think the doors opened backward as I recall. We had to do the taxis as it was easier on my mom who could not walk long distances due to her orthopedic injuries. So it was easier for her to take a taxi. She had difficulties climbing as it was to get into the buses for tours we took and also onto the train to Frankfurt from London. (We had horrid weather today – two severe storms, the second is coming in before midnight though it is rumbling out there now and has been for an hour; the first storm was mid-afternoon and I lost my power for 3 1/2 hours – this weather is so erratic and scary anymore.)

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      • Thank you Sabine – it has been a disappointing and volatile Spring to be sure. It is raining now and I shut my computer down last night as it was storming again. It is supposed to clear up mid-day but drizzle later, so I’m going to plan on just a trip to my local park or maybe just in the neighborhood. I hope to make a post tonight on all the sweet goslings I saw the last two days and took tons of pictures which I still need to sort through.

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  5. That is some incredible architecture and I love the windows. Who would have know the building would stand for so many years that the land would start to give way under it. Great shots of it. Keep on enjoying your weekend.

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    • Very true Marlene! I’m amazed how these places got built without the machinery to move and lift all that heavy stone! I’m positively enjoying the weekend! Went to the redwoods today and saw one tree estimated to be around 1,400 years old!!! We’ll catch up when I get back! 🙋

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