The London skyline …

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… sports a variety of absolutely stunning architecture, both modern and historical.

No matter where in London we were, and in which direction we were looking, tall cranes lifting and lowering heavy loads, were everywhere. These cranes are used for not only new construction, but also during the renovations of many famous London landmarks.

My very favorite modern building in London was definitely the “Shard”! This building was visible from just about everywhere in town! Towering 1,020 feet into the sky, it resembles a sharp, broken piece of glass reaching up into the sky. We didn’t have time to visit the observation platforms at the top, but it’s a must-do for me next time I visit.
I imagine the view must be spectacular!

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4 thoughts on “The London skyline …”

  1. What a contrast between the old and the new!!!! I like to old better but the new looks lighter and brighter. I love the dragonfly in the header. Have a wonderfilled weekend.

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