My dancing feet are ready! How about yours?

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We just got back from a trip to Europe. One of the highlights for me was, spending a few days in Brussels, where, as a teenager, I spent a year studying French and exploring this vibrant city.
Our hotel was right smack in the center of town, a block from the Grand Place, a few minutes on foot from the Central Station, and close to all the action. One night, as we were laying in bed, we heard music. Pretty loud music! I wondered if someone in the neighborhood was having a party.
The following afternoon, just as we were headed to the train station to get tickets, we came across a rather lively group of street musicians. That’s when I realized, that this was the same music I had heard the night before.

Mesmerized, I must have stood there for almost an hour, tapping my feet, listening to this lively Romanian Gypsy music and watching people walk by, listening for a while, throwing some coins into their collection box and then move on.

What I really loved about this moment, was, the energy these guys had, and how much they enjoyed playing for this random audience. I did buy one of their CD’s, which I will listen to tonight.

My dancing feet are ready! How about yours?

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20 thoughts on “My dancing feet are ready! How about yours?”

  1. Didn’t get a chance to comment before. Have always wanted to go there. Maybe in my next lifetime. Great way to learn the language. See you soon. On our way.


  2. ZD McGee says:

    Live music, especially on the street, is one of the finest spices of life! Nice post.


  3. We’ve heard some amazing music on the streets. There’s an interesting vibe to the urban sounds, and have been known to purchase a CD, as well. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Sabine!


    • Glad you liked it. Street music is one of my favorite things in Europe. Heard an interesting variety of styles and sounds. I will post more as I get it all organized and am back in my groove!


  4. Happy you’re back home safely, and happy also to have welcomed you in my house and shared some vegetarian food with two, thanks, continue to have fun travelling around the globe ! Patrick


    • Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality. We loved your place very much. I will post about it today, and also head to tripadvisor to let people know what a small paradise your B&B is.


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