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Tag! You’re it!

We all want to connect: with nature, other human beings, animals, ourselves, the universe, the past, present and future. The way connections are made has changed a great deal over the last decade or so. We used to pick up the phone (probably a landline), […]


The Road of Life

Roads, just like life, aren’t always smooth. Difficult moments can resemble the climbing of a steep hill. Then there are days, where life feels bumpy, like a cobblestone path, jolting me awake as if saying “pay closer attention to your self”. Most days though, the road through life […]


At Home in the World

Over the years, home has been in many places for me. Often times it is not just the where, but also the connection with people, nature and happenings. Home to me is the serenity when hiking in the woods or pulling weeds in my garden. Home to […]


Life from Different Angles

Writing a blog had been on my mind for quite some time. Encouragement from friends helped me to finally start this blog. I’ve been working on it for a few months now. I’ve been learning something new every time I log onto WordPress. So far, […]