The Road of Life

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Montblanc, Spain

Montblanc, Spain

Roads, just like life, aren’t always smooth. Difficult moments can resemble the climbing of a steep hill. Then there are days, where life feels bumpy, like a cobblestone path, jolting me awake as if saying “pay closer attention to your self”.

Cobblestone, Seoul, South Korea

Cobblestone, Seoul, South Korea

Most days though, the road through life is smooth, as if winding gently through trees, with the sun peeking through the leafy canopy. Those are the days I treasure most, for they help nourish my soul.

Road to the forbidden garden, Seoul, South Korea.

Road to the forbidden garden, Seoul, South Korea.

The potholes I encounter in life, remind me to take nothing for granted. Too many bumps in the road will  upset the equilibrium of inner peace.

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8 thoughts on “The Road of Life”

  1. that traveling nurse says:

    Love the metaphors! I am also a sucker for cobblestone streets.


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