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Happy Friday!

And happy it turned out to be! After running a couple of errands late this morning, I stopped by my friend Marlene‘s house. We ate lunch, and then went outside to enjoy the beautiful day! Climbing up a few steps behind her house leads directly […]


More Backyard Play in the Gorgeous Gorge!

After visiting the Columbia River Gorge with a out-of-town friend recently, I had promised myself, to not wait as long before going back again. Well, I am happy to report that I kept my promise to myself. Added bonus, my husband came along. It turned out […]


Don’t forget to play in your own Backyard!

A visit from a friend last week reminded me of how easy it is to neglect exploring one’s “own backyard”. It had been a while since I had ventured out to the Gorge. Along the historic Columbia River Highway are vast forests of moss and lichen covered trees, […]


Please don’t poke me in the eye!

Not far from where I live, is a nature park. Beautiful hiking trails wind through white oak meadows, mixed deciduous forests and dark evergreen woods. The park is generally empty, except on weekends. We’ve seen deer, birds of prey, owls, pileated woodpeckers, songbirds and lots […]


The Road of Life

Roads, just like life, aren’t always smooth. Difficult moments can resemble the climbing of a steep hill. Then there are days, where life feels bumpy, like a cobblestone path, jolting me awake as if saying “pay closer attention to your self”. Most days though, the road through life […]


Winter Blues? Not this Year!

It’s been a strange winter around here. Not too cold, no snow or ice and very little rain. i think we’ve had a lot more sunshine than in years past. Last Sunday morning I noticed sunbeams peeking through the forest behind my house. This time […]

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The Calm after the Storm

For the past year or so, I have been part of a creative writing group/class. We meet once a week, where everyone takes a turn reading their work, after which we can comment on the piece. Participants range in age from their 30s to the mid […]