Winter Blues? Not this Year!

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It’s been a strange winter around here. Not too cold, no snow or ice and very little rain. i think we’ve had a lot more sunshine than in years past. Last Sunday morning I noticed sunbeams peeking through the forest behind my house. This time of year the sun is low in the sky. The misty fog and brilliant rays of morning light

Sunrise in my backyard

Sunrise in my backyard

were beautiful to enjoy with my morning coffee. It was quiet, except for the busy chatter of a flock of chickadees feeding on the black-oil sunflower seeds. The air was chilly and still. Summer 09 backyard 111 My garden is in hibernation. Last fall I planted around seventy perennials through out. Most of them came from the ‘almost dead’ shelves at local stores. They usually grow just fine, provided they are watered well until established. Some are new hybrids of foxgloves, a echinacea-rudebeckia cross, goldenrod and different varieties of salvias.DSC_3339 Crocus, daffodils, tulips, grape hyacinths and snowdrops are starting to grow!

Tonight though the rain has come back for a visit. Summer 09 backyard 115 Time to get out the seed catalogs

and dream of springtime.Summer 09 backyard 038 And flowers.Nikon 1 034

And birds.Backyard Birds 052 And butterflies.Backyard birds etc. 006


And the occasional visit from the neighborhood bunny!Backyard birds etc. 033  I am getting excited!

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