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Now you see me … Now you don’t…

They are heard before they are seen. Flying by at neck-breaking speed; with the steady hum of their rapidly beating wings; they always seem to be in a hurry; sampling a sip of nectar here, and another sip there. Suddenly a competitorĀ arrives and the battle […]


Green Thumb! It’s in my DNA.

As a child, I hated the idea of helping in our garden. My dad however, was an avid gardener. He could grow just about anything: beautiful flowers, tasty fruits, vegetables and berries. There were two greenhouses in the yard, both built from scratch, using recycled […]


Winter Blues? Not this Year!

It’s been a strange winter around here. Not too cold, no snow or ice and very little rain. i think we’ve had a lot more sunshine than in years past. Last Sunday morning I noticed sunbeams peeking through the forest behind my house. This time […]

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The Calm after the Storm

For the past year or so, I have been part of a creative writing group/class. We meet once a week, where everyone takes a turn reading their work, after which we can comment on the piece. ParticipantsĀ range in age from their 30s to the mid […]