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The Silence of Covid

 The eerie silence  of Covid compliance no sliding  no riding  no hiding and seeking no swinging and singing no climbing no bouncing no racing no boisterous dashing no playful splashing. Just Mousekin afloat without a boat. Just the eerie Covid silence. Every time I walk […]


Zunday Zen … Spring has Sprung

Early spring flowers Sudden rain showers Red-breasted sapsucker His wings flutter Drills holes in a perfect row Until the tree sap starts to flow High in the trees perched is a most regal Beautiful, majestic bald eagle Spring appeared over night What a delight!


Zunday Zen … In Cahoots with Muddy Boots

Winter silence Sometimes broken By January rain Ragged steel gray clouds bursting Giant, heavy raindrops hammering Rooftops Windows Pavement Collecting in mucky puddles Gushing noisily along curbs Flooding ditches Reverberating noises of Gleeful laughter Splashing Running Frolicking Feet stomping Delighting in play As darkness falls […]