The Silence of Covid

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 The eerie silence 

of Covid compliance

no sliding 

no riding 

no hiding and seeking

no swinging and singing

no climbing

no bouncing

no racing

no boisterous dashing

no playful splashing.

Just Mousekin afloat without a boat.

Just the eerie Covid silence.

Every time I walk past this playground I feel sad
because I rarely see children playing here these days.
Children have no control over their lives!
It’s up to us, the adults in the world,
to help get this pandemic under control.

Please wear a mask, wash your hands and keep a safe distance.
And don’t forget to be kind to others!

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28 thoughts on “The Silence of Covid”

    • Yes, that’s really what it is. Silent devastation! It’s difficult for us adults to try and comprehend it all, but children, I believe are hit the hardest by all this. Thanks for reading my blog! 🙋‍♀️


    • Yes Linda, it’s me in the flamingo mask! There still are visitors at the park but far fewer than before Covid. It’s just sad to not very many kids play together right now. I’ve heard from friends that their young grandchildren really really miss their friends. I hope you’re hanging in there too! 🙋‍♀️

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      • Thanks for yourself Sabine. I wasn’t sure as the only other photo was you on your bike on your site. What is poignant about this post, is not only the empty playground, but the water … I would think if the playground were being used, they’d drain the water, so it’s just another way of illustrating how empty and desolate the park is. I am hanging in there; got to the Park today after a two-day absence. Friday it rained most of the day and ended up below freezing and yesterday morning we had freezing fog – very slippery and lots of accidents, so I didn’t walk. It was snowing while I walked to/from and at the Park, but got three miles in and my friends fed too. We are getting snow tonight (they say). We were supposed to have Arctic-like weather the end of last week and this week, but it has seemingly disappeared for now.

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      • We’ve had so much rain lately that it’s not even funny! The playground always gets flooded but usually drain within a couple of days once the rain stops. It’s hard to know what people look like these days with the masks. I’ve been wearing mine religiously even outdoors with space. Just better to be safe than sorry. I’m glad you were able to get out today! I’m still working on sending an email. Take care Linda! 🙋‍♀️

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      • For two years Elizabeth Park and Lake Erie Metropark were flooded, all the way from the shoreline to the trails. Orange cones were everywhere. Finally we had a month or two of drought-like weather and finally it was not soggy to walk anymore. I wear a mask every time I leave the house too Sabine – even when out in the yard or shoveling … safer that way in case someone comes up to talk to me. Today my anti-fog spray failed and my glasses steamed up and I had to pull the mask down as I couldn’t see to walk and it was snowing. Of course, someone had to come up to me at the Park, with no mask on. I backed off then put it back on. I take no chances. I am glad I got out today – tonight we have snow on the way – ugh. Take your time Sabine.

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      • Make sure you have nose clips for your masks Linda. I find they really help avoiding the fogged up glasses. But when it’s really cold or wet it’s a little more tricky. I hope your snow doesn’t overwhelm. We haven’t had any this winter.

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      • I have had problems with the masks a few times Sabine – I don’t want to push the mask down and only do if I’m alone when I get the fogging. When I had my eye doctor appointment last July, I asked my eye doctor what he recommended for mask fogging the glasses up. He wears glasses and is a sports enthusiast and he and his staff had been trying various products. Many wear glasses and they wore masks at work, so liked “FogAway” best. I got a couple of spray bottles and it available on Amazon. It works well, but sometimes if you’re out in high humidity and didn’t apply it recently, they will fog up. I recommended it to a fellow blogger. She and her husband both run daily and he was frustrated with fogged up glasses and he loves it. We are supposed to have some snow tonight. Hoping they are wrong.

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      • Haven’t tried any of those sprays Linda. I don’t have an issues (mostly) with fogging up my glasses when I’m in the store, but outdoors I’ve been “blinded” on a number of occasions. That’s why I like to go to the park at the least busy times. But now with the new variant having been identified here in the Portland area I will be even more cautious in public. What a crazy time!!

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      • The FogAway does work well if you end up getting a spray Sabine, but I’ve been using it a while now and notice that it seems to work better on very dry and cold days like today and yesterday (17 F when I left the house yesterday; 4 hours later just 22F when I returned). No fogging at all, But it seems on a humid day, it does not work as well. I’ve been wearing three paper masks at a time at the Park. Most people don’t wear one. I had the bandanas which were fine, but in the Winter I wear a wool hat and the hat was loosening the ties I had around my ears – it was folded and slipped the ear loops inside. I heard it is best to use an N95 mask which are available now that they can keep medical workers supplied with them. I have some I bought when I did a caulking job a few years ago and Lowe’s recommended buying a pack as the fumes were strong. I got two packs. I resisted wearing them because we were not supposed to use them. I would wear them under a bandana. They have found five cases of the variant here in Michigan, about an hour’s drive from here. The radio news asked if people had been to a certain grocery store or mall to get a COVID test. Yes, crazy and scary times. I don’t believe 2021 will be normal at all; we will be lucky if 2022 is more back to normal. I will continue to wear my mask after I get the shots and maybe through 2021 and into 2022. I don’t interact with anyone, except at the Park, and I steer clear of conversation for the most part.

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      • Yes, I hope so too – today President Biden said that herd immunity might be achieved by June if they can pick up speed on the vaccines. That’s promising anyway.

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  1. Your words and photos are stunning, Sabine. I love the reflections on the water like I love your reflections on the silence. Looks like you guys have had a LOT of rain lately. Stay safe.

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  2. not only is it our responsibility to get ahold of this pandemic Sabine but also to try and stop this from happening again!
    When I read the title I immediately thought of the silence being because of death.

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    • I’m with you, Wayne! I think of all those who have died from this pandemic all the time. It’s heartbreaking! And then when I’m at the park. and encounter very few people and even fewer children I realize how isolated this pandemic makes all of us. We can only hope that our new administration forges ahead to get this better controlled.


      • I can’t imagine how bad the 1918 pandemic was? They still do not know how many millions perished?
        I think the new administration can only do so much Sabine given how badly Trump handled it!

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      • Oh I’m sure that way too many of those who dies didn’t get counted. I’m just glad that we have a new administration with capable people in charge. The damage to this country will take a long time to heal, and not just all the tragic mishandling of the pandemic. I will continue to mostly stay home, visit the park wearing a mask and wait for my turn to get vaccinated. It’ll be a while since I’m neither old enough nor do I have a special reason to get towards the front of the line. Stay healthy Wayne and take good care of yourself. 🙂


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