Up Close & Personal … Cedar Waxwings

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During my 15 years in Oregon I had never seen any cedar waxwings here until …

… this autumn while I was walking along a patch of trees and shrubs at the park.
It was mid day when I heard really loud bird chatter, followed
by a flurry of winged activity in the berry-bearing shrubs.
I slowed down and carefully peeked around
when I spotted around 100 of these birds!

I stepped in between a couple of these shrubs and couldn’t believe my luck.
I must have stayed there frozen in place for at least an hour
while the birds devoured just about every ripe berry within their sight.

Cedar Waxwings are medium sized birds about 6 to 7 inches long.
They forage for insects, berries, fruit and some types of pines cones.
Their plumage is mostly brown, grey and yellow.
Their crests and a black masks make them easy to identify.
The tail feathers have yellow markings and sport bright red spots on their wingtips
It’s as if they had been dipped in wax, hence their name, Cedar Waxwings!

A few days later I spotted another flock waxwings at the park.
This time they were feasting on the berries of a tree near the oak grove.

Aren’t they beautiful?

A couple of weeks later while visiting the Community College Campus in Oregon City
I encountered another huge flock of them.

They were so much fun to watch!

All this commotion and the ripe berries also attracted several robins
and this squirrel. They partook in this very berry feast without hesitation.
These Cedar Waxwing encounters made me very happy.

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10 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … Cedar Waxwings”

  1. How fun! There’s a bush/tree that I walk by most days that is full of happy, chirping birds. I’m not sure what they are, as they’re hidden in the foliage. But, I do love their sounds and songs. Have a great weekend, Sabine!

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  2. I’ve never seen Cedar Waxwings but a friend in New York often posts photos on Facebook when she sees them at a berry bush in her yard, but never-ever, that many at one time. How lucky you were Sabine! The robin and squirrel were glad they heard the chatter and could get in on the action too! I love their distinctive look, that “mask” they wear and those “wax” wing tips too.

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      • Those berries were so pretty in that post – I remember them. Yes, what a photo that would be too. I like the idea of that large of a group/flock of Cedar Waxwings converging together – what a sight!

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