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The Silence of Covid

 The eerie silence  of Covid compliance no sliding  no riding  no hiding and seeking no swinging and singing no climbing no bouncing no racing no boisterous dashing no playful splashing. Just Mousekin afloat without a boat. Just the eerie Covid silence. Every time I walk […]


Zunday Zen … Summer’s Gone

Autumn sun sparkles while summer’s drifting away … one leaf at a time. Summer seems to have come to a sudden end here in the Pacific Northwest! We’ve had quite a few rainy days already and the nights are getting cooler. Slowly the leaves are […]


Happy Birthday Schwesterherz

Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag Gabi! Sabine & Mr. Pitt On this special day for my little sister I remember why I always miss her Despite being far apart Yet never in the heart We still share a love of many things: Lounging on the sofa reading In good […]


Finders… Keepers…

One of the most enchanting encounters in recent memory occurred at a “one month baby celebration”. My friend’s new baby was being welcomed by family and friends. While sitting on a couch in a quiet corner, this little girl came over and took a liking […]


Sublime Springtime

Azure Bee Bliss Sage Chartreuse Daffodils Emerald Frogs Hopping Iridescent Jade-green Kale Leaves Misty Nippy Overnights Peonies Quietly Re-emerging Showy Tulips Upright Vigorous Witch hazel Xanthous Yellow as we eagerly zing into spring.


Smooth Edges… Rough Edges…

Just like a seemingly perfect life, Windows with a breathtaking view, Can sometimes have rough edges, too. Looking out from the inside I wonder about the outside. Looking in from the outside I wonder about the inside. The people, the town, the country, the world.        


One Moment of Bliss

Breathe in slowly, clear your mind and close your eyes. Listen to the wind rustling through the trees, imagine a dragonfly hovering by the pond. Feel the sun warming your body. One blissful moment in life. To treasure forever.


Oak Meadow in Winter

This was a quiet, crisp winter morning, with fluffy white clouds floating across the sky. The beautiful reflections of the oak trees in the flooded meadows made me want to sit and meditate. Only occasional sounds of robins taking a bath could be heard.  


A Walk in the Woods

Colors of fall were spectacular last October. I spent a day with some friends near Sandy. They live in a forested area, complete with hiking trails, ponds, a roaring creek and the peaceful quietness found only in the woods. Ducks and geese were eagerly waiting […]

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