A Walk in the Woods

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Colors of fall were spectacular last October. I spent a day with some friends near Sandy. They live in a forested area, complete with hiking trails, ponds, a roaring creek and the peaceful quietness found only in the woods. Ducks and geese were eagerly waiting for some morsels, when we strolled past the still pond. The sun reflected the brilliant fall leaves on the calm surface of the water surface. Hiking through trees along the swiftly moving creek, we crossed over it on a log bridge looping around the property. It turned out to be a wonderful day spent with good friends, sunshine and warm temperatures for this late in the season. I am looking forward to visiting there again. Before heading home, I got to see their plant collections and was given a Epiphyllum (Queen of the Night). It is doing well in my sunny window and I am eagerly awaiting the first blossoms.



Fallen leaves


Brilliant foliage



Peeling bark


Thank you for a most wonderful day!

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