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Zunday Zen … Pendulousness

Dangling by a thread in between heaven and earth one leaf’s final dance. One afternoon late last fall in the garden I noticed this maple leaf hanging from a spider’s thread. A light breeze kept the leaf dancing in circles until a strong gust of wind […]


Meditation in Moments … The Daily Grind

Prime Lots Available! Independent Contractor Designs, Spins, Frames, Weaves Spiders are most active in the fall. when they busily spin webs, fatten themselves up and then lay their egg sacks. This ensures that the next generation can hatch the following spring, long after the parent has […]


Happy Friday from my Fall Garden!

It’s been raining here non-stop for a day and a half. That has left the air smelling crisp and clean. The leaves are starting to turn color every where you look! Hopefully we’ll get a little sunshine next week so that I can go on […]


Happy Friday!

The last two mornings had a definite chill in the air. Fall is arriving! There’s even rain in the forecast. Much of my garden looks heat stressed, despite watering. This summer’s been extremely hot and dry for this area. Rain will be good, especially for […]


Happy Friday!

There is a nip in the air, the leaves are starting to turn and even the flowers are beginning to look like autumn. Where did summer go? Have a wondrous first weekend of fall!


A Walk in the Woods

Colors of fall were spectacular last October. I spent a day with some friends near Sandy. They live in a forested area, complete with hiking trails, ponds, a roaring creek and the peaceful quietness found only in the woods. Ducks and geese were eagerly waiting […]

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Changing Seasons

The leaves have fallen and the rain has returned. Winter always puts me in the mood for soup.It warms and nourishes the body and soul. It also is a great opportunity to clean out the vegetable drawers! Last night I made an especially delicious one, […]