Happy Friday!

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The last two mornings had a definite chill in the air. Fall is arriving! There’s even rain in the forecast. Much of my garden looks heat stressed, despite watering. This summer’s been extremely hot and dry for this area.

Rain will be good, especially for fall planting. What types of flowers are you going to plant this fall?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!



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20 thoughts on “Happy Friday!”

  1. These are stunning photos, Sabine. I will not be planting anything this fall because my gardens are full. We will be moving some irises, though, because they are getting too crowded in one garden.

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    • Same here. Dividing irises and other plants is on my list as well. The photos in this post I took outside the grocery store where I shop. They always have a great assortment of seasonal plants to tempt me. I have however stayed strong so far. I remember your irises from a post, they are truly spectacular. Happy fall LuAnne!

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  2. Your flowers are so cheerful. Yes, there is finally a chill in the air at night. I can handle warm days if the nights are cold. Trying to get ready for the rain and was working up on the top terrace this morning hammering in a stake when I got swarmed by those bees in the tree stump in the lower terrace. Got only one sting on the hand but I’m inside hiding now. What to do about them, I don’t know? I don’t know what kind they are but they live in that stump and there were a lot of them. Must get things done before the rain! At least I’m not allergic. Have a great weekend.

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