Zunday Zen … A Summer Evening at Home

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Don’t mind me!
I’m the sipping, dipping, chirping
adorable chickadee.


Last night, I noticed this tiny chickadee sitting on the edge of the birdbath. I grabbed my phone, set the camera and slooooowly walked towards it. The chickadee did not appear to be afraid of me. It was incredible to be so close for several minutes. After I turned off the camera,  my feathery friend took flight and disappeared into the forest behind us.

After the sun set, the woods got quiet, until suddenly, a chorus of crickets started to fill the darkness with their noisy chirping.
We quietly sat in the dark and listened to nature’s concert.


I hope you had a Zen Zunday too!


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7 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … A Summer Evening at Home”

    • The reason why you didn’t see anything because it was dark outside. I recorded the chirping crickets. They don’t start until after dark.
      I enjoyed the chickadee! They are not at all shy around here.
      Keep cool and have a good week! 🙋

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      • Ok, I’ll go back again. 🙂 Had the sound down. Watching the news of the fire with the sound off too. Funny how one can be sensitive to noise as we grow older. Have a great week yourself.

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  1. Ok, I hear it now. Had to turn the sound way up and everything else around me down. Love the sound of crickets. Wish I had been able to record the bull frogs last spring. They were loud!

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    • Those bull frogs are fun! I don’t think we get them here, just the little tree frogs which are surprisingly loud considering their size.
      I think the air might be good enough tonight to sit outside for a while.
      I’ll send you an email tomorrow. Hugs! 😎

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