Finders… Keepers…

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One of the most enchanting encounters in recent memory occurred at a “one month baby celebration”. My friend’s new baby was being welcomed by family and friends. While sitting on a couch in a quiet corner, this little girl came over and took a liking to me. I thought of this evening for days afterwards, and ended up writing this poem about the experience of observing this girl all evening.

The happiness of the occasion, the great food, baby Robbie and this little girl made my day!

Baby Robbie

Baby Robbie

There she was!
Hopping onto the couch next to me
Almond-shaped black eyes
Doll-like face, framed by silky black hair
Leaning into me with her small body
Carefully inspecting my necklace
Mostly in Vietnamese, Chinese
Jumping off the sofa to check out the new baby
Scampering back onto the sofa sanctuary, unreachable by the dogs
“The wheels on the bus go round and round”
Lollipops spread out in front of her
Wrapping her tiny warm hands around my face
A big fat kiss right onto my mouth
Not wanting to go home
Across the room like a whirlwind
Stepping out the door
Dressed like a princess
Fashioned from soft, ivory white fur
For always
The apple of her father’s eye
For tonight:
Keeper of the lollipops
Finder of my heart.

Enchanted me.
I will remember her,

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14 thoughts on “Finders… Keepers…”

  1. Delightful description of a little girl innocent and unmindful of being harmed or doing harm. Beautiful style in your poem.


  2. Did you find the lolly pops? Robbie is so beautiful. It’s always such a compliment when a child finds you approachable and showers you with affection. She must have sensed your kind heart. Beautifully done. Been working outside all day as the weather is perfect.


    • Thanks Marlene. I had fun interacting with her, and it is great to not always need words. Glad you got some time in the garden, I hope you sat afterwards and admired your work. No yard work for me today, but I did walk about 7 1/2 miles around town!


  3. Misty Hopkins says:

    Beautiful! Robbie is now wanting to stand all the time. We saw Hai mei (the little girl) on Mothers day. Still cute and happy little girl.


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