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Tasty Tuesday … Spanish Fideuà

A few years ago, we spent a week in a small town called Tarragona, just south of Barcelona. Right on the sparkling blue Mediterranean sea, it is not only is located in a most beautiful area of Spain, but also has a fascinating Roman history. And like […]


Tasty Tuesday … Caldo Verde

Winter has arrived out of nowhere! Suddenly it’s cold! An icy wind has been blowing into our area from the Columbia River Gorge. I braved the freezing temperatures  earlier today and raked up the last of our fall leaves. Afterwards, I came inside and decided to […]


Same Ingredients – Different Meals

My friend Jon and I have been getting together some afternoons,  to expand our creative cooking horizons. It’s fun to explore new ingredients, familiar staples and to challenge ourselves to come up with interesting new flavors and textures. This afternoon, we chose brown lentils, red bell peppers, fresh shiitake […]