Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit

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Our last day in Germany brought us to Munich, from where we were scheduled to fly to Southern France the following morning.  Once we arrived at the train station and secured our luggage in a locker, we were headed towards downtown.

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A wide pedestrian walkway right across from the train station, leads directly toward the famous Marienplatz. I was surprised however,   that the Marienplatz wasn’t very big. I had imagined it much larger. The “new” city hall however, was spectacular. We encountered a variety of entertaining street musicians and crowds of locals and tourists alike, as we made our way to the Hofbräuhaus.



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Directly in front of the Hofbräuhaus, we encountered several Bavarians dressed in Lederhosen and felt hats, which were decorated with pins and feathers.
We sat outside in the Biergarten to enjoy a maß of beer, since the weather was nice. Everywhere we turned, Hofbräuhaus waiters scurried about, carrying giant mugs filled with beer and baskets of real Bavarian Bretzel!

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The Hofbräuhaus menu features mostly meat dishes. Judging from the plates carried past our table, the Schweinshaxen (roasted pork knuckles) seemed to be very popular. Imagine our surprise, when we noticed several vegetarian options on the menu.

Our lunch at the Hofbraeuhaus!

Our lunch at the Hofbraeuhaus!

The parsley potatoes were nothing short of divine! Cooked to perfection, and served alongside white asparagus in a sauce and a grain based patty.
As we were leaving the famous beer hall, we stopped at the Musikanten Ecke and listened to a few minutes of Blasmusik. Enjoy!

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