A Murder of Crows and Mad King Ludwig …

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Mad King Ludwig’s castle
shrouded in mist
the sky
ominous, gloomy
the sun
heavy grey clouds
hug the mountains
this fairytale castle.

The secrets, the questions, the rumors,
the mysterious death,
the demise,
of King Ludwig
to this day.

Did he
really and truly
descend into madness
as told
did he
stand in the way
of his uncle
who himself
wanted to rule the kingdom
this fairytale castle?

The truth
long ago
a murder of crows.


Schloss Neuschwanstein

Schloss Neuschwanstein


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14 thoughts on “A Murder of Crows and Mad King Ludwig …”

  1. What fabulous photos. I’m all for Ravens and Crows work just as well for me. You’ve really captured the mystery and ominous feeling in these photos. This castle feel more scary than Bran Castle to me. Walls so steep and tall, no escape.

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  2. Oh, I like it! Such intrigue in the poem. Last April when we were traveling, I captured a picture of a crow on a cemetery sign. It just seemed so appropriate.

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    • I had imagined seeing the castle in sparkling sunshine. The day we went the weather was dark, grey and rainy. Then the crows appeared out of nowhere! It just struck me as perfect, especially since Ludwig died under mysterious circumstances.
      I always read and love your posts. You are such a wonderful writer!


  3. Unbelievably “expressive” images! Is that as close to the castle as you can get? The architecture and the surrounds are stunning. You captured the energy beautifully. I feel lucky to have seen these! 🙂

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    • You can actually hike all the way up and go inside. We didn’t since it was getting late and we’d been to all the other castles in the area. This view is from across the valley up at castle Hohenschwangau. This is a gorgeous area of Bavaria worth visiting. Lots of beautiful small towns, scenery and the Wieskirche.


      • I know, just wondering who thought of that name for them? 🙂 A Goth, maybe? In the case of those photos, a rainy day was certaily perfect. The castle looks like it’s from a fairytale and the slightly faded effect just fits it so well! Showed hubby the pics, too, he loved them as well 🙂


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