Frolicking in Vondelpark

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Amsterdam is a fabulous city! There is no shortage of things to do: incredible museums, canal cruises, coffee shops, the flower market, historical sights and gorgeous architecture. Amsterdam also is home to some of the best international cuisine anywhere in the world.

Then there are the parks! Vondelpark spreads across about 120 acres of grassy meadows, lakes, paths for walking and bicycling and lots of benches to sit on and watch the world go by. Its location near the Museumplein makes for  a great stop to rest your eyes after looking at paintings and other art all day.

On our last visit to Vondelpark, we encountered a family of Egyptian geese with their goslings. They weren’t shy at all, waddling all around, then going for a swim in the lake, after which they would sit in the grass and preen the plumage.

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Later I spotted a coot, her two chicks perched on a log in the water. The babies were adorable with their fuzzy feathers and bright red heads. These waterbirds are a common sight in many parks, and are generally rather shy. In years of bird watching, this was my first ever sighting of young coot chicks! And even though a coot’s legs and feet look rather funny, they can run incredibly fast, even across the water!!

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I’ve been to Amsterdam many times and never get tired of exploring this fantastic city! Watch for more posts from there!

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10 thoughts on “Frolicking in Vondelpark”

  1. You are simply amazing the way you seem to hop around from country to country, city to city – I am happy to travel vicariously. You are the only person I know who has “favorite hangouts in Amsterdam.” These images are spectacular – thanks! 🙂

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    • Thanks! We just got back from a couple of days at the beach here in Oregon. Walking along the shore, I felt very lucky to be able to travel and see so many amazing places. I also feel very lucky to have a spouse, who loves traveling as much as I do! Thanks for always reading and commenting! 😊

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  2. ZD McGee says:

    As usual, very nice work. I wonder if your subjects ever stop by the Hard Rock Cafe just down the street.

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  3. Looking forward to more posts from Amsterdam! I can imagine those coots running on water – I still remember seeing a hedgehog run, it must’ve been 20 years ago, but it was so funny. The legs were so long!

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