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Maui: part of the Hawaiian island chain in the mid-Pacific. The diverse geography and year-round sunshine makes it a popular travel destination.

Snorkel, surf or paddle board in the warm ocean along pristine sandy beaches all across the island. Hike and bike in the Haleakala National Park, where, at the 10000 feet summit, you can see forever on a clear day. Sometimes, puffy white clouds obscure the view. Visit the Lahaina Jodo Mission, where you can see a 12 foot high Buddha statue along with a beautiful Buddhist temple and a 90 foot tall pagoda. All this in a gorgeous garden setting!! How about a stop at the Kula Botanical Garden! This 6 acre horticultural paradise in the Upcountry has some of the worlds most beautiful flowers. While there, I even spotted some chameleons out for there walk. Explore the Maui Aquarium and marvel at the many different exhibits, especially the sea turtles.

And don’t forget to enjoy an ice-cold beer at the Hula Grill in Ka’anapali. It right by the beach, and if you sit outside, you can dig your toes in the sand!!

Did I say “Heavenly Paradise”? I believe it is!

Aloha Maui!

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Mahalo for coming along, Sabine

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18 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … Somewhere over the Rainbow”

  1. Lovely 🙂 Was this a recent trip? We stayed in Hawaii for a month in 2010, and 2 weeks were in Maui – that was my best travel moment ever. It was paradise. Maui remains my happy place, where I take my mind when I need to relax or think of something to calm me down, like at the dentist!! And I of course play that very song in my head. We kept hearing it everywhere in Maui and I remember the first time I saw an Iz video of Over the Rainbow on TV at a coffee shop near our hotel, and understood that this is the lovely song I keep hearing everywhere 🙂 We stayed at Kaanapali but didn’t visit the Hula Grill 🙂 Great photos! One photo of a bird in mid-step made me laugh. Thanks for this happy post! 🙂

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    • This was in 2010! I wonder if we crossed paths? We stayed in Ka’anapali and were there for a week. Our experiences sound very much alike. I didn’t want to go home. We are going back next year. I am so excited! The bird in mid step is a mynah bird! Fun to watch as they are real clowns. Thanks for always stopping by and commenting! 😎

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      • Maybe we did cross paths! 🙂 Who knows! So funny!! I loved how slow it was – some people complain Maui is crowded but Ka’anapali wasn’t at all! We stayed at a humble beach aparthotel, but it was great, we loved it. Can’t remember the hotel’s name but it was next to a bigger one (aren’t they all)… near Black Rock. Lucky you, you get to go back!!!! Wow! Have fun!! 🙂 And please post pictures! 😉

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      • We were there in May. There weren’t that many people there. This next trip we are going to stay at the same place again. And I hope to go whale watching! We generally travel during the shoulder season, fewer tourists and much better prices. And the weather is generally fine. I am getting excited just thinking about it!

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    • No! I did not sneak away! But we are going back to Maui early next year. This trip was in 2010! The cold temps here made me think about tropical destinations!! We are having the writing class Christmas party on the 16th at my house. It would be amazing if you could make it! We all miss you!!


    • Hi Jeanine! Nice to meet you! 😊 If you have a chance to visit Hawaii, go. It’s wonderful. When we were in Bali last year, we met lots of Aussies. Closer to you and another magical place (also a lot less expensive!). Happy Travels!

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