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Zunday Zen … Virtual Winter Escape

My tropical paradise all but a distant memory retrieved for reprieve from the cloud.     It’s been almost a couple of years since our last trip to Hawaii. Taking our usual flight from Portland to Maui would have been a little quicker and slightly […]


Happy Friday!

Rain, rain go away … This could be the motto for the Portland area right now. It’s still coming down, but for some reason, today is going to be the only truly sunny day here in the immediate future. I’m planning on making the best of […]


Beware! The Dragon has Teeth!

The Kapalua Coastal Trail stretches along the gorgeous Kapalua Coast of Northwestern Maui, past deep green golf courses, rugged cliffs and pristine golden sandy beaches. When I first set out to explore this trail, I didn’t realize that a part of this area holds great […]


Coffee … Hawaiian Style

By the time I was about 6 or 7 years old, I got to have a cup of coffee every morning before heading off to school. Every morning, my mom would grind the beans, and make the coffee using a cone-shaped paper filter. The brew […]


Meet me under the Banyan Tree …

Few trees are as spectacular as the Lahaina Banyan tree! If you are headed to the island of Maui, please visit this unbelievably complex natural wonder at the corner of Front Street and Canal Street! During the early to mid 1800s Lahaina was the capital of the […]


Visiting the Sacred Iao Valley and Needle

In the central Maui Mountains, just west of Wailuku, is the Sacred Iao Valley. In ancient Hawaii, this valley was a burial ground for royalty. Their bodies were buried in secret locations all over this valley. It was here, where the Battle of Kepaniwai  was fought […]


Zunday Zen … No Leaf Blowers here!

At the crack of dawn wind strewn small blossoms gathered. No leaf blowers here! Every morning on Maui, I awoke to the sounds of noisy birds, the waves breaking on the beach and the slow, rhythmic swooshing sound of a rake being guided across the […]


Come away with me … to Hawaii

Huge puffy white clouds were floating in the sky. The Pacific ocean down below us was sparkling in the beautiful tropical sunshine. Large waves were breaking along the Oahu coastline and made for a picture perfect arrival in Oahu. On the way home a week […]


Zunday Zen … Somewhere over the Rainbow

Maui: part of the Hawaiian island chain in the mid-Pacific. The diverse geography and year-round sunshine makes it a popular travel destination. Snorkel, surf or paddle board in the warm ocean along pristine sandy beaches all across the island. Hike and bike in the Haleakala […]