Zunday Zen … Virtual Winter Escape

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My tropical paradise
all but a distant memory
retrieved for reprieve from the cloud.



It’s been almost a couple of years since our last trip to Hawaii. Taking our usual flight from Portland to Maui would have been a little quicker and slightly more convenient for sure, but I’d take the same route again to enjoy this incredible view of Oahu.
Over the years we’ve learned which particular airlines we like and which type of planes. I’m the window seat person and the Zendog likes the aisle. Now whenever possible we travel on an Airbus plane because they feature two seats only in the back along the window sides. An additional bonus is that we both get the seat we each want!

Next time we head to Hawaii, I hope to stay on Oahu for a few days and explore Diamond Head Volcanic State Park and the rest of the island.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot in the Hawaiian Islands?
Aloha, Sabine

P.S. If you want to fly along, here’s the link to my  Oahu video from this flight.

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13 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … Virtual Winter Escape”

  1. Snowy, blowy and rather cold here today makes me want to either fly away or make chicken and rice soup. Guess which happened? Happy week to you, Sabine!

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  2. I read this last night but waited till this morning to send a note. I think the thing that caught my eye most was the sprawl of homes and businesses. Oddly when there is a beautiful place, everyone wants to be there and then it’s not so beautiful anymore. I’m sure the weather is wonderful though. Those are incredible photos to get from a plane. It might be nice to be there since we are in for so much wet weather.

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    • Hey Marlene, I’d have to agree with you on the sprawl. I think that that was probably one of our reasons of not having spent time there. Big cities are always a mixed bag! And as beautiful as Hawaii is, the Pacific Northwest is still my favorite place to live. I’ll send you an email today or tomorrow. 🙋

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  3. Trish says:

    Dear Ms Withmuddyboots, Your photos are, throughout the blog, really inspirational. It’s the subject matter of each photo that provides their depth. And the way you photo’d each subject really pulls the viewer right to that subject. Three Emoticon to you!

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    • Thank you Treulose Tomate! I started this project three years ago and it has been a interesting virtual experience. I share some parts of my life, and others all over the world do the same. I’m glad to came to check my blog out! 🙋


  4. Oh definitely visit Diamond Head Volcanic State Park when you go back – but take your bravery with you! There are huge cracks in the surface where you can see the lava bubbling below. Oh, and visit at night as well when you can really see the glow. Kauai is my personal favorite – I’d move there if I could afford it.

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  5. No, I haven’t been but it was quite easy to tell where it was by looking at the excellent photos. I would love to have a photo of Hawaii for my Monday Mystery Photo feature. Would you be interested in submitting one or two? I feature the photo for two weeks, link back to your blog and credit you as photographer. Let me know if you are interested.

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      • No urgency at all. I keep a collection of different destinations around the world and then post a different place ( I like to mix it up a bit) as some of the bloggers are really good at guessing locations. You can email me the photo/s when you are ready: amandamac5at hotmaildotcom ( use symbols for at and dot).
        Thanks so much for contributing. It will be great to have some Hawaiin shots, or any other destination you might like to send me. Just add, in the email, a sentence or two to describe the location for the second (solution) post. Otherwise, I might not know where it is located myself.!1LOl!


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