Come away with me … to Hawaii

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Huge puffy white clouds were floating in the sky. The Pacific ocean down below us was sparkling in the beautiful tropical sunshine. Large waves were breaking along the Oahu coastline and made for a picture perfect arrival in Oahu.

On the way home a week later, the scene repeated itself!

The plane lifted off the runway and quickly gained altitude as we were flying past Honolulu and Waikiki Beach. Moments later, I spotted Diamond Head, a volcanic cone thought to be about 150,000 years old. Absolutely spectacular! This is a Hawaii State Landmark, and popular place to hike with visitors on Oahu. It rises 762 feet into the Honolulu skyline and the crater’s diameter measures about 3520 feet. Some geologists believe, that the Diamond Head Volcano will erupt again some day!

The plane continued along this gorgeous coastline until finally the only things visible were the bright blue sky, the clouds and sunlight.


Having seen this part of Oahu from the air, makes me want to spend a few days there and explore these amazing natural sights! Next trip!! This time around, it was only a stop-over!

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19 thoughts on “Come away with me … to Hawaii”

  1. The kid said he has taken over 700 photos this week. I’ll have to see them all. :0 I’m sure there are more coming here. Hope you are feeling better. I’m enjoying my last moments for now. Incredible video.

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  2. Christine Hoex says:

    Rosalie and I really enjoyed watching this. we stayed in Honolulu to hang out with Richard a couple of yrs ago. We spent most of the time on his boat! He’s still there, living on his own little boat now. Glad you had beautiful weather. L. from C & R.

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  3. Oh, I loved this video!!!!! Spotting views from the plane is one of my favorite things to do and this video reminded me or our flights between the islands. I just love Hawaii, so beautiful! Thanks for taking me back there!!! Awesome video!

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  4. Gabi Zilliken says:

    wunderschönes video, ich hoffe wir gehen da mal gemeinsam hin,
    schön das ihr ein paar gute tage dort hattet

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