Coffee … Hawaiian Style

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By the time I was about 6 or 7 years old, I got to have a cup of coffee every morning before heading off to school. Every morning, my mom would grind the beans, and make the coffee using a cone-shaped paper filter. The brew was strong, so I always put in two teaspoons of sugar.

My passion for coffee hasn’t changed since I was a kid. When traveling, I always try to find a delicious cup of local coffee. Imagine my excitement when I discovered the Maui Coffee Company in Lahaina during our recent trip there. The coffee plantation itself is in the hills above Ka’anapali. I had hoped to go check out the farm, but the spread of a rather destructive coffee beetle has put a stop to visiting the farm itself. So we checked out the store and cafe instead. The barista had a number of different coffee samples for us, each one with a distinct taste. Some of the varieties we really liked were Maui Mokka, French Kiss (a really dark roast) and a blend of very small beans named “da small kine bean”. We bought a few varieties and had them shipped home. Then we ordered a coffee drink, a non-dairy mocha, which we enjoyed while watching the world go by from their porch.

Now that the weather has turned nice and warm at home, I can make myself a cup of Maui coffee in the morning and take it outside. I sit on the swing, listen to the birds and the sounds of the forest awakening behind us, while sipping my java.

And while it’s not Maui, it’s pretty darn nice at home too!


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P.S. They do mail order!  🙂

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14 thoughts on “Coffee … Hawaiian Style”

  1. Suzy Barker says:

    I always think it’s incredible that there are so many types of coffee and they all taste different. You must be a connoisseur if you’ve been drinking it since childhood! It’s like wine – each region produces a different taste depending on soil and climate. And as you say, it provides a great start to every day.

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  2. Ah, the monks in the tulip fields. I haven’t written a post in weeks. No time. The little store looks like fun and coffee jelly would have been worth the try. I’ve only been drinking coffee since I was 8. With lots of milk and sugar. My mother didn’t give it to us. I got it at a German Friends at her home which was above the tavern they owned in Germany. All that coffee and you are still so mellow. 🙂

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    • Indeed! My only complaint is that most American coffee places serve their drinks in paper cups! I prefer the European way, real cups and no one in a hurry to run off to wherever!
      But I guess we can’t have it all! 😉

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      • I agree! Everyone is always so busy here. Getting a coffee seems like an errand for many people. They just need the caffeine. I miss the “deutsche Gemütlichkeit” sometimes, but you’re right again: We can’t have it all! I found “Dallmayr prodomo” coffee at Marshall’s :-))

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      • Not familiar with that one! I’ll have to google it! We were in Germany last year and really enjoyed Kaffeetrinken, as well as some delicious pastries. We do have a small German deli here in Portland. They have fantastic bread! And sometimes good pastries! 🙂

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