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Tasty Tuesday … Spanish Salmorejo

When summer is in full swing, and the temperatures rise, there are quite a few days where even I don’t feel like cooking dinner! So when I stopped by the farmers market on Saturday morning, I noticed several vegetable stands overflowing with perfectly ripe tomatoes. […]


Tasty Tuesday … Vegan Chimichurri Bowl

Last year, we stopped by an Argentinian bistro in Toulouse, France. This was my first time eating Argentinian cuisine. Generally, there isn’t a whole lot to choose from the menu for vegetarians, because of the meat centered cuisine of Argentina. We lucked out that day, […]


Tasty Tuesday … Spanish Fideuà

A few years ago, we spent a week in a small town called Tarragona, just south of Barcelona. Right on the sparkling blue Mediterranean sea, it is not only is located in a most beautiful area of Spain, but also has a fascinating Roman history. And like […]


Coffee … Hawaiian Style

By the time I was about 6 or 7 years old, I got to have a cup of coffee every morning before heading off to school. Every morning, my mom would grind the beans, and make the coffee using a cone-shaped paper filter. The brew […]


Culinary Adventures Abroad … Dutch Poffertjes

One of my favorite things to explore while traveling is, the food of the places we visit. Amsterdam offers all kinds of adventures for just about everyone, including fantastic cuisines from around the globe! We’ve had many fine meals in this town over the years. At least once every visit, we […]