Culinary Adventures Abroad … Dutch Poffertjes

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One of my favorite things to explore while traveling is, the food of the places we visit. Amsterdam offers all kinds of adventures for just about everyone, including fantastic cuisines from around the globe! We’ve had many fine meals in this town over the years.

At least once every visit, we have pancakes and Poffertjes at this small pancake house near the Leidse Plein. It’s been around for a long time and we like the food, location and great service.


On a sunny day, I highly recommend sitting outside on the patio, under the beautiful, gnarly old trees. There’s a view of the canal  and often some resident ducks waddle by to say hello. Perhaps you’ll spot one of the European robins hopping  around the grassy area in search of a worm.
Before you leave, be sure to watch the cook expertly whip up a batch of the fluffy, small, pillow-like Poffertjes. They are quite a treat!! Especially topped with powdered sugar and a little melted butter!
I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

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11 thoughts on “Culinary Adventures Abroad … Dutch Poffertjes”

  1. That looks like the Dutch version of the Danish Ebelskiver. We had them in Solvang, CA the first time and bought the mix and found some pans. Made them many weekends for the kids. Unfortunately, the ex got the pans. I bought one for my niece once Christmas. 🙂 She loved them too. I of course, love anything sweet. 🙂

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    • Hi Marlene! Yes, these are delicious and I believe they are very similar. I thought about getting a pan, but I don’t want to eat these all the time. I think I’ll keep eating them in Amsterdam and that way they stay truly special. There is a Scandinavian breakfast place in SE Portland. They have them. Maybe we’ll go there sometime. They have all kinds of good food! 😊 Hugs, and have a good day!

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      • Sounds good. The pan was great when we had lots of mouths to feed. Now it would just be mine and it’s got plenty. Hugs back. I’m trying to light a fire under myself. Not working so far. 😦


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