Beware! The Dragon has Teeth!

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The Kapalua Coastal Trail stretches along the gorgeous Kapalua Coast of Northwestern Maui, past deep green golf courses, rugged cliffs and pristine golden sandy beaches. When I first set out to explore this trail, I didn’t realize that a part of this area holds great historical significance for native Hawaiians.

Part of the Dragon’s Teeth area is an ancient Hawaiian burial ground. During the late 90s, when some of the resorts were getting built, a large number of human remains were discovered. Some of these date back to AD 610. Fortunately, the lengthy legal battle was won by the native Hawaiians, and the resorts were required to move a little farther inland.

Near the north end of this trail, at Makaluapuna Point, wind and waves have over time, hardened and carved the last lava flow in this part of Maui into upwards pointing jagged peaks. These lava formations are known as the “Dragon’s Teeth” and are an incredible sight. Walking along the edges of this lava outcrop was unbelievable!  Waves were pounding the jagged rocks, in the distant blue ocean I could see whales spouting water, and giant green sea turtles swimming just down below me in the bays, while I was climbing around there.

The nearby hills were covered with Cook Island Pines, lots of different kinds of palms and other tropical trees. Everywhere I looked it was beautiful! Paradise found!

Words can’t do this gorgeous spot any justice! This place has to be experienced!

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11 thoughts on “Beware! The Dragon has Teeth!”

  1. The water just glistens out there. How long before we ruin that too? Glad they made the resorts move back. It’s time to honor those that came before. Great post and wonderful information. Thanks.

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  2. Mysticalwriter says:

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    This is so cool, Hawaii is one place that I really want visit!!
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  3. The Kapalua Coastal Trail is on Day 4 of my Maui itinerary for my trip there next month! I had to do an itinerary because there’s so much there I want to experience. I was so excited to see this post in the reader!

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    • You’ll like it. Parking is best at the north end by the golf course. It’s a spectacular sight to take in. If you have a chance, check out the Iao Needle and the banyan tree in Lahaina! Haleakala is also amazing! Have a wonderful trip! 😀


    • I highly recommend it! It’s not strenuous at all and very scenic! The only problem with visiting a beautiful place like Maui is, that there are too many choices!


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