Zunday Zen … A Winter Feast

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Cold, hungry, thirsty
The snowy table is set
for a winter feast.

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This winter brought an unusual amount of snow to the Portland, Oregon area. Our backyard is a perfect restaurant for the many birds in our neighborhood. One of my favorite visitors is the red-breasted nuthatch. This small songbird is fun to watch at the suet feeder all year long. Their unusual high-pitched nasal call makes them easy to identify by sound only. There are quite of few nuthatches living in the forest behind our house. Many years ago, I purchased a heated bird bath I plug in when temperatures fall below freezing. The birds, and Squeaky a neighborhood cat, appreciate a drink of water when everything around us is frozen solid.

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13 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … A Winter Feast”

  1. You capture the best shots! I think I need a heated bird bath. It was so sad when a gray squirrel tried to drink from our fountain only to discover it was frozen solid…might have had something to do with 5 degree temps! Have a great week!

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    • Thanks Missy! We get a grey squirrel too. I believe it’s the same one that’s been coming for many years. It used to sit in my Buddha’s lap every morning while I had my coffee. I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful place! Have a good week too! 🐿


  2. I think I’ll look into a heated bird bath. Thanks for the suggestion. You always have such great photos. Winter was beautiful. Spring is just around the corner. I’m starting to come out of the doldrums. Have a wonderfilled Sunday.

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    • Thanks Marlene for your kind words! I too am coming out of the doldrums. Finally! The bird bath is some of the best money I’ve ever spent. The squirrels, chipmunks, cats and all the birds would probably agree if I asked them! 😉 Happy remaining Sunday my friend!

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      • Yes, I have spent a week in AZ visiting Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and hiking a 1000 year old lava flow. It has done me a world of good to get away from the news and into nature. Hope things are well with you, too.

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      • Yes, things are better here too! I’ve greatly reduced my consumption of news and cut the cable cord. Im working on getting back into the swing of things post election. The Grand Canyon sounds heavenly! Im glad you got to visit such an amazing place!

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