Happy Friday!

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As far as I am concerned, spring might as well make an early appearance around here. We had mountains of snow, some ice and freezing rain, the coldest temperatures in a decade and lots and lots of rain. Needless to say, I am ready for spring! May it make an early appearance!!

How has your winter weather been? Are you ready for spring?

Have a fabulous weekend!




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20 thoughts on “Happy Friday!”

    • It’s not that I don’t like winter, but the constant grey and lack of much sunlight gets depressing after a while. Our summers here in the Pacific Northwest are the most beautiful summers of any place I’ve ever lived in. But it doesn’t last long enough. Where do you live with your hot summers?

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  1. We’ve had soooo much rain and gray weather. Yesterday there was a hint of spring and today it is raining again. I’m with you Sabine, I’m ready for spring. Thanks for the bouquets!

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  2. christine says:

    We have gotten so much rain, that we are pass our yearly average already. Some hard frost in dec/jan. Latest storms are warmer and daffodils are blooming. I’m ordering seeds! And planting spring salad greens!

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    • No daffodils here yet, but my camellias and forsythia are beginning to bloom. I picked up some seeds too and will plant sugar snap peas this weekend. I hope you guys are well! 😊


  3. Happy Friday to you as well. Forsythia is blooming here too. 🙂 On my way to a new hair do. I love the winter, just wish it came with a bit more sunlight. Spring means I have even more work and responsibilities to deal with. I’m not done hibernating just yet. Loved the bouquets. Have a wonderfilled weekend too.

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  4. This winter’s been so long, dark and grey… can’t wait for spring and hopefully some sunshine!! I think this winter felt even worse because the last two years, we didn’t really get any summer weather at all, so it’s been like a long winter since 2014… Well, a couple more months to go and then we’ll see if the sun shows up or not! 😉 Your lovely, colorful flowers cheered me up though! 🙂

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    • Hi Snow! Spring is definitely on its way here. My first crocus are blooming and the frogs are croaking loudly at night. It’s been grey and cold here too which often makes me want to live somewhere sunnier and warmer. But once the weather improves, I always remember why I love the Pacific Northwest. We have the most beautiful summers of any place I’ve ever lived! I hope all is well with you! 😎

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  5. Spring has sprung more or less here! It’s been very warm, but also very cold, swaying undecided from day to day.
    But I can’t wait for it to be warmer and I am enjoying the smell and looks of everything slowly blossoming! Spring is so wonderful!!
    So are your flowers on the bouquet!!! What wonderful colors!
    I hope you’re doing well:-)?!

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    • Hey Sunshine, thanks for stopping by! I’m hanging in there, but it’s been a bit of a rough last few months. The warmer weather, sunshine and all the flowers should help cheer me up! I am happy to see that you are back and hope that you are well! I’ll be checking out your posts and look forward to seeing more of them. 🙂

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      • Oh no! Poor you! Yes, hang in there! I hope that whatever has been crushing your mood, is blown away by the spring breezes:-) and your mood is illuminated by all the vibrant colors of the flowers around you – and I know those are a lot;-)
        Thank you!! Yes, for me too it’s been rough with blogging, but I hope that that’s over now and I can post more:-) Thank you for being such a loyal reader!
        All the best to you!

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