Zunday Zen … Breathtaking Autumn Farewell

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dressed in layers,
layers of colors,
layers of texture,
layers of light.
quietly changing,
quietly returning
quietly returning to the earth.
getting ready,
ready to rest
’til awakened in spring.

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These photos were taken about 10 days ago at the Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon. I spent an entire day here, exploring all the different “gardens”. If I remember correctly, there are 20 of them. There is a children’s garden, a Conifer Garden, a Rose Garden, and of course there is the Bosque! It was my very favorite corner of the entire Oregon Garden.

P.S. I never did find the Secret Garden! Next time!!

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10 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … Breathtaking Autumn Farewell”

  1. I like fall leaves that have a mix of colors (often including green) and have seen many nice ones, but never anything like the wondrous leaves in the slide show’s IMG_8571 and IMG_7920.

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    • Those are images of the witch-hazel shrubs. The bark is used for making the astringent. Some day I hope to plant one in my garden! It’s a great plant to grow and has incredibly fragrant blossoms in the middle of winter around here.
      Thanks for reading, looking and commenting Mel! 🙂

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      • Interesting.  I often saw witch hazel blooming in some places where I used to walk, but not such great leaves.  Maybe it was just timing; maybe there are regional differences among witch hazels.  Looks like I should try harder to get back to those places in fall.  🙂

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      • Your comment yesterday made me google the plant some more. There are different varieties, including the natural shapes of the trees and shrubs. The only witch-hazel leaves I have ever seen are like the ones in this post. This might just have become one of my favorite plants! 😀

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