Zunday Zen … Fair Winds and Following Seas

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Boston Harbor
shrouded in mist,
early morning silence.
Moored boats, sleepy town
mirrored perfectly in
The Sound.
the noisy day begins.

A couple of weeks ago we zipped up to Olympia, WA for a couple of days. Early Sunday morning we drove down a winding country road past Priest Point Park, right along the Budd Inlet of Puget Sound. At the end of the road we found ourselves in Boston Harbor.

It was the most peaceful moment of that day for me!
I hope your Sunday was Zen too!


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13 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … Fair Winds and Following Seas”

  1. Nice poem. Everyone is looking for a place that gives them that feeling. It’s a different place for each of us but the feeling is what we are looking for. Looks like you found yours.


    • Same here! I didn’t know of this West coast Boston Harbor either until I arrived there! What a pleasant surprise. I’ve never seen the other one, but will take your word for it being calmer and prettier.

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