Up Close and Personal … Spring Daffodils

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The sun peeked out a little from behind the clouds reflecting the daffodils on the kitchen table’s surface. That led me to play around with some inexpensive cellphone clip-on lenses. And since I enjoy looking at things up close, I thought I would mix it up a little with some posts of macro photography on Incahootswithmuddyboots! 

I hope that you will enjoy this new category! 🙂

Happy Friday and have a great Superbowl Weekend!

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

12 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal … Spring Daffodils”

  1. Hope you had a happy Friday as well. Superbowl? Not in this house. I’ll watch anything else or nothing. Great photos. I need to get out and clean my yard!! There is so much to do but at least next week is going to be lovely. Enjoy!

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  2. Great photos, Sabine! They look like sunshine, but up close. Tell me about the lens you used. And, I’m with you on the Super Bowl, it’s all about the commercials 😁

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    • Hey Missy, those flowers do look like sunshine! That’s what I like about them. The “lens kit” I found at New Seasons of all places. It contains a wide angle, macro and fisheye lens and cost $10.00!! Not bad at all. The manufacturer is Kikkerland. They come with a small clip which attaches to the phone. It works great with my iPhone 6. I just need more practice and some better weather to head outside and practice and explore!
      Enjoy the commercials tomorrow! 🙋

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