Happy Friday from my Garden!

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This week I spent some time birdwatching in my garden. I made a makeshift “bird blind” using an old blanket, a beach chair and an outdoor plant shelf to sit behind/underneath to observe and photograph our backyard visitors. Many birds aren’t all that shy if I’m out there and just ignore me. Others are a bit more difficult to get closer to.

One of the birds I enjoy most is the comical Steller’s Jay. He can always be heard from the distance as he approaches the yard. Smaller birds take off when this guy shows up. His calls are harsh and loud, and sometimes he even imitates a hawk!

He’s definitely a bit of a punk with attitude!!
Inquisitive and boisterous!
Noisy and playful!

What kinds of birds do you get where you live?
Are you a birdwatcher?
Happy Friday!

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26 thoughts on “Happy Friday from my Garden!”

  1. We get big bluejays like this, blue bodies and tails, but not black heads. Lately there is a crowd of smaller birds with black backs and pale undersides. My bird identifying skills are very poor, sad to say–

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  2. Those are good shots of the Jay! The colors with the light hitting it are almost purple and lavender. They are not shy birds in the least and will come and take peanuts if you have them. They take the peanuts the squirrels bury too. I watch them but can’t see them well enough to catch those colors.

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  3. Ali says:

    He is wonderful! I love the punk hair! we get jays, but they look different. Our green woodpeckers and spotted woodpeckers are probably our most impressive birds in our garden; most are little tiny things, but are very handsome in their way!

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    • Birds are fun, and I also appreciate that they gobble up a lot of insects. I will have to google your green and spotted woodpeckers. We saw some beautiful birds in Canterbury a couple of years ago!

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      • Birdanality – hahaha! You are blessed to be able to see them so well. I don’t have a lovely garden like yours. I think that I will look into planting wild flowers in a patch so that they visit me.

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      • That sounds lovely! I still remember the birding documentary from Central Park. Some day I will visit during spring migration! My garden and seeing the wildlife every day really helps me stay sane in an insane world!
        I look forward to a post from your wildflower patch!


  4. Gorgeous images, Sabine! I like his blueish tone, I’m a blue girl myself 🙂 We get lots of seagulls (loud and cocky) and Canadian geese (ruin the parks’ lawns downtown and are aggressive), so I’m not a huge bird lover at home. But I do love colorful tropical birds like toucans and all kinds of parrots. Penguins of course. Eagles and other birds of prey…. 🙂

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  5. Beautiful! And your description of the Jays was perfect – somewhat obnoxious, but definitely entertaining. Happy week, Sabine!

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